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Introducing Five Trees re-purpose take back programme

We strive to make sustainability the norm and we want to make it easier for people to adopt a planet friendly lifestyle.

By using Five Trees hand wash tablets you are reducing the carbon footprint by 80% since you are not transporting heavy water, throwing away endless amounts of plastic bottles and you will not be supporting the use of harsh chemicals present in some hand wash products.

However despite our best efforts it is impossible to be perfect! Our tablet wrappers are lined with aluminum foil and a layer of plastic to prevent moisture entering the tablet and damaging the product.

But do not fear we have created the Five Trees Repurpose take back programme.

If you send your tablet wrappers back to us, we will repurpose or recycle them! Once you have 40 or more wrappers, simply post them back to us.

We have a few fun ideas for repurposing the tablet wrappers.

Considering the end-of-life of a product and closing the waste loop is part of our product stewardship.

When you care for the planet we care for you, send the tablet wrappers back to us and we will gift you an extra hand wash tablet with your next order.

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