In New Zealand a country of five million people, we dispose 1.76 BILLION plastic containers year after year.

Unfortunately, plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose

100 million marine animals die each year from plastic waste alone

Toxic micro plastic is now part of our food chain

Recycling has helped curb the environmental devastation but unfortunately over 39% of recyclable products end up in landfill

who we are

Cecilia the founder of Five Trees and mum of three boys found the time during Covid lockdown to tackle an issue she’d long struggled with: the endless waste her household was creating with disposable plastic bottles.

Cecilia discovered than conventional handwash and cleaning products contain over 95% water.

She developed a kit containing a dissolvable hand wash tablet made from gentle ingredients that makes up to 350ml handwash and fits perfectly into a beautifully designed forever use glass handwash bottle. The only bottle you will ever need!

After many months of trial and error at home, and endless consultations with expert biochemists, Cecilia finally found a hand wash formulation she’s happy for her kids to use, and share with the world.

Cecilia constantly thinks about what the future holds for her kids and how our choices today will impact the tomorrow for future generations.

"We are at a point in time where we need to shift from recycling and over buying to reducing and reusing"

Our Five Principles

Purpose driven and authentic.
We are a small family owned business on a mission to help rid the world of plastic waste. We are in the process to become climate positive to help protect and regenerate our ecosystems. As part of our mission to put an end to single use plastic bottles we partner with schools and community organisations like yours to help them fundraise for their cause or need whilst helping the planet.

Easy to use and convenient.
Did you know over 95% of the liquid soaps you buy is water, Five Trees Smart Tabs are much lighter to transport, they save you time and space without all the waste. We have a subscription model that deliveres your tablet refiils right to your door

Eco Conscious.
Five Trees Smart Tabs are light to transport uisng a lot less CO2 emmissions. All our packaging is plastic free and recyclable. Our tablets are made from gentle ingredients with no nasties. Our Bottles are transported Empty so about 80% less CO2 emmisions produced by trasnposting conventional hand wash

Our actions are guided by the sustainability development goals and we are focusing on 3 of them.

11. Sustainable cities and communities.

12. Responsible production and consumption

14. Life below water

Clean and Beautiful.
We love the natural beauty of our planet and it's people and strive to help preserve it, we are committed to deliver products that are pleasing to your mind and your senses with a focus on your wellbeing and the planet's.

Innovative and accessible.
We are globally aware and up to date with the latest innovations that care for you and the planet. We are serious about sustainability and impact and that's why we are working hard to make our pricing accessible to all.

How we operate

We envision a world of sustainable cities and communities, we are focused on impact and creating positive change in sustainability.

Our Packaging: At Five Trees we have developed our products to minimize waste. We also have a take back program to repurpose our tablet wrappers which are not compostable at present. You can find out more about it on our products page here

Our Ingredients: Our hand wash tablets are made from safe and non toxic ingredients, free from Parabens, Phthalates and Alcohol.

Vehicles: We move around in a Electric Vehicle.

Carbon: We are working towards offsetting the carbon we produce through Ekos, aiming to be climate positive by 2023.

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Sustainable Development goals that guide our actions

Our aim is to help educate people about the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and inspire action towards them. Global leaders and all UN Member States, including New Zealand, are committed to achieving the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs address the biggest issues facing our planet and society and aim to help make the world a better place - ending poverty, preventing climate change, saving life on land and in our waters and reducing inequality.

We are in the initial stages of our venture and have decided to focus our actions towards Three SDG's

Five Trees goals

Less landfill more refill, we are aiming to save 5 million plastic bottles from being thrown away by 2025.

We are really excited to be able to support our comunity organizations and help raise awarness about the importance of protecting our ecosystems. We are aming to support 100 organizations on a fist year of operations.

Our Aim is to become Climate Positive, we are working on a Partnsership with Ekos to offset our carbon emissions and help protect and regenerate our ecosystems.

We are all about helping eliminate the need for wasteful products and we know that packaging is one of the biguest contributors to plastic waste. we aim to encourage sustainable ways of living and promote a circular economy through our business so reusable and refillable products become the norm, we are commited to work hard to make this happen in the next 5 years.

The only viable future is the one where business innovates to demand less of our world, in that world our planet will recover and as it does stability and productivity will be reestablished.

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