eco-friendly fundraiser

For Community groups

eco-friendly fundraiser

For sport Clubs

eco-friendly fundraiser

For charities

eco-friendly fundraiser

For a better future

We offer community groups the opportunity to fund their missions in a eco-friendly way

How does it work?

Are you a school, play centre, sports or community group looking for an eco-friendly way to fundraise with a product people need and will use.

We can help! We supply our eco-friendly natural hand wash starter packs that will take little effort to resell for a great profit.

We will also provide you with digital materials and resosuces that will take care of your marketing efforts and make your fundraiser a breeze.

Why fundraising with Five Trees Handwash

Do you agree that clean hands save lives?

However when it comes to hand wash products in New Zealand we have no other option than to buy and throw away plastic bottles over an over again.

In New Zealand alone we throw away 1.76 billion plastic containers every year.

Plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose, 100 million marine animals die each year from plastic waste and now micro plastic is in the food we eat!

Five Trees offers you a forever use hand wash bottle and our dissolvable foaming tablets made from natural yet effective ingredients with no nasties and beautiful fragances so you can enjoy clean hands knowing you are helping the planet!


It's is very simple! You get our Eco Friendly starter packs at wholesale price, onsell them at retail price and keep the profits to support your organization and realize your goals. Great margins of 40% per unit !

For each box sold containing 20 Starter kits (handwash bottle+handwash dissolvable tablet), you make $80. If each person sells 1 box in your group of 10 you make $800!

Shipping is on us unless you are located in a rural adreess then we will have to charge you the regulated fees. If you are based in Christchurch you can pick up from Fendalton.

We are happy to send you a sample free of charge to promote your fundraiser, we ask that you cover the freight cost. If for some reason you don't go ahead with the fundraiser we kindly ask that you return the sample to us or pay for it if you wish to keep it.

We are very confident your fundraiser will be successful since you are promoting sustainability within your community with a high quality, safe and eco friendly product at an affordable price. However if for some reason you do not manage to sell all the product you ordered, you can return it to us for a full refund as long as it is in resalable condition. We kindly ask you to cover the freight cost.

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Postal Address:

33A Garreg Road Fendalton

Christchurch 8052