PUMP replacement + Believe: HandWash Tablet Refill.

PUMP replacement + Believe: HandWash Tablet Refill.

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When you susbscribe you will only be charged for the refill tablets after your first order & you will get 10% discount each time! You can stop or modify your subscription at any time. Orders will be sent every 2 or 4 months as per your selection. Subscription model is not available for one year supply product.

If you need a replacement pump plus hand wash tablets top up pump dispenser, this is the most affordable way to save the planet and your money. 

We have called this fragance Believe! As we are firm believers that small changes when applied by thousands can transform the world.

Our Believe fragance is a combination from mango, passionfruit and aloe vera. They remind Five Trees founder Cecilia of her south American roots. Believe brings a specialized formula that leaves your hands feeling hydrated after washing. If your hands usually feel very dry after washing this is the one is for you! 

Five Trees Hand Wash Refill Packs include

  • Six or twelve dissolvable hand-wash tablets made from safe and non-toxic ingredients to gently cleanse your hands. Our Believe formulation comes in the beautiful fragrance of mango and passionfruit with a pinch of aloe vera and will leave your hands clean, soft and moisturized.
  • One replacement Pump 
Why you will love Five Trees hand-wash tablet refills


It's safe and effective

  • Removes bacteria with every wash minus the nasties
  • Free from parabens, phthalates, silicones, alcohol, phosphates, ammonia, VOCs, and chlorine bleach
  • Gentle soap that moisturizes and cleanses, made from harmless ingredients
  • Foamy goodness that cleans your hands and the planet

Reduces plastic waste

  • Each tablet saves one plastic bottle from being used and thrown away
  • All our packaging is compostable or recyclable

Saves time and space and the planet

  • Each pack should last about three months before you need to refill
  • Each tablet makes 350ml of hand soap for up to 150 hand washes - best hand wash in NZ!
  • Vegan friendly and cruelty-free

Subscribe and save option - so affordable!

  • Who has the time to go online every time they run out of hand wash? With our subscribe and save option you don't have to worry. Our refill tablets will be delivered right to your door every two or four months as per your choice and you get 10% off the total cost of the product for life

We are committed to educating about sustainability across Aotearoa.

Save the planet and make an impact. For every Pack sold, we will gift one tablet to families in New Zealand who have arrived as refugees. 

We only use safe and non toxic Ingredients in our hand wash: No Parabens, Alcohol, phosphates and phthalates.

It is very simple:

FILL an empty reusable foaming hand soap dispenser with warm water.

DROP. remove 5 Trees tablet from Wrapper & drop in to the bottle to let the magic begin. (Tablet takes 15 minutes to dissolve)

ENJOY. Attach the foaming pump, close tightly and shake well. Enjoy clean and nourished hands minus the guilt.

REPEAT by using our tablet refills, no more plastic bottles.

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